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Stem Cell/ Repair

K18, B3, bond building and stem cell treatments are prescriptive treatments that can be great to fix moisture, shine, fortify and even repair the hair from the inside out.


Haircut & style

When added to our Signiture Looks Packages, trims are $50+ additional cost.

Booking this service on its own is ideal when a change is desired or more than a dusting is needed.


The Shooting Star

Perfect for our girl on the go!

A customized, detailed face frame highlight or base color, gloss, treatment & blow-dry to keep your tresses fresh!

Includes: Face frame highlights or base color for gray coverage, gloss, treatment & blow-dry.

recommended every 6-8 weeks.


The Sun Chaser

This service is perfect for those wanting a brighter look without committing to a full head of highlights. This service is designed to create dimensional pops of blonde strategically throughout the head.

Includes: Half head foils or balayage, root smudge, gloss, & blow-dry.

Recommended every 12 weeks.


The Partial Eclipse

Half head highlight & lowlight. Perfect for that soft dimensional look or creating more movement in your hair,

volume blow-dry with a round brush to seal in your fortifying treatment.

Includes: Half head highlight & lowlight, root smudge, gloss/toner/glaze, customized mask or treatment, and blow dry.

Recommended 3-4xs a year


 The Full Moon

This service is perfect for our brunet babes that want dimension in their hair or a seasonal change.

Includes: Specialty brunet service, full head foils, root smudge, glaze & blow-dry.

Recommended 1-2xs a year


The Galaxy Glow


This service gives you a gorgeous blonde look without looking solid or fake. this is the staple appointment for our natural looking blondes.  Ideal for those wanting to go from dark to lighter. Please note for major color changes (from dark to light) this will require multiple sessions to maintain the integrity of your hair.

Includes: Full head foil service, root smudge, gloss, brightened ends & blow-dry.

Recommended 1-2xs a year


Our Luxury Extension Packages

Partial Package $950+

Most common for adding fullness. 

-A coustom blend of 4 handtied wefts or 2 hybrid volume wefts
-1 Row installation
-Specialized shaping & curl out styling

-Mini Luxury Care Kit ($195 value)


The Full $1900+
Most common for adding fullness & length.

-A custom blend of 8 hand tied wefts or 4 hybrid volume wefts.
-2 Row install
ed shaping& curl out styling
-Luxury Care Kit ($350 value)


The Extra Full $2600+
Goddess hair! Full luxurious length & maximum thickness!

-A custom blend of 12 hand tied wefts or 6 hybrid volume wefts.
-2-3 Row instillation
-Specialized shaping & curl out styling
-Luxury care kit ($350 value)

***All extension packages can be added to. Additional wefts are added for $250-$360 per weft depending on weft type.

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The Shooting Star
The Sun Chaser
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suri and noreen website designs (11)_edited.png
The Full Moon
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The Partial Eclispe
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Our  Signature looks

The Galaxy Glow
The Super Nova
*All pricing varies for each stylists level of experience and client demand.

**When adding to a Signature Looks Package, it is an additional $50+, on their own provides more time and attention to creating a treatment that will be specifically formulated to your hair's needs**

Balay - Me - Baby!
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**Cost may vary with each client and their needs.

The art of Balayage is a customized process to your likes and hair's needs. This hand-painted process allows your stylist to create limitless possibilities as there are no foils involved. Our artists are highly trained in this Italian form of highlighting.


Consult with your stylist about the time required to schedule your balayage appointment and the maintenance.



- Full head Italian style hand-painted highlights or lowlights

- Root Smudge

- Glaze/ Gloss/ Toner

- Customized mask or treatment

- Blow-dry with a round brush for volume.


Our Bleach and Tone service is the perfect choice for anyone looking to mix things up and make a statement. Our team will guide you through the entire process to ensure that you get the look you want. We use the highest-quality bleach and toners to make sure that your locks not only look amazing but feel soft and healthy too.


Regrowth longer than a half inch will require additional product charges and appropriate charge of stylist's hourly service rate.


- Bleach and Tone or Glaze (on 4 weeks of regrowth)

- Root Smudge

- Repair treatment

- Blow-dry

**Required 4-week touch up.

The Goddess Glow Bleach & Tone
Copy of Signature Looks & Master Guide client version (1).png
**Cost may vary with each client and their needs.

Hair Studio Pricing 

If you haven't noticed, we do things differently around here! Here at Suri & Noreen Salon, we love simplicity!!

When you go out to eat you have your meal and know everything you are getting with that meal. You still get to tell them to hold the fries and add on additional toppings to accommodate your individual style and taste...

We do the same here at Suri & Noreen Salon. 


We have Signature Looks packages that ensure your satisfaction and allow our artists to have the creative freedoms their hearts desire!

Each of our packages can be custom-designed to fit your needs. All of our stylist's price points are different depending on their level of education, experience, and training to accommodate what you are looking for in your personal needs.

Ready for the BEST PART!?!?

When you book a package, all of our Alacarte add-on services come at a lower flat rate.

All of our Alacarte add-on services are still there for you to book without a package, but when you book them alone, we reserve more time for the extra details and attention you need!

So, for example, when you book for our Shooting Star package and you add on a trim to your appointment, it will be an additional charge of $50 (example pricing, pricing will vary for add-on services per your stylist's education tier), instead of the full price of $85.

If you decide you want some length taken off and/or a new cut/style altogether, you will book your appointment as an Alacarte cut.

Fun right!?

The goal is to be able to keep your hair as healthy as possible while keeping the integrity of your hair at its absolute best. 

Happy client, happy hairdressers!

That makes our universe!

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