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Our hair studio is a space for each stylist to grow at their own pace within an education-based team setting.


This means each stylist has been highly educated and everyone is encouraged to operate elevating one another to meet their artistry and career goals. Having a structured skill set in place is amazing, but let's be honest... we are all creative minds and we work best for you when we know the rules so we can break every one of them.

With that being said all of our stylists are priced at a different level to meet your needs as a client.

Interested in learning who's perfect for you?!

Check out our team of stylists below!

Meet the Team

Suri&Noreen Studio Team


Alicia Vermeulen

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Alicia is co-owner of Suri & Noreen Salon. She is a master hairstylist, specializing in chemical services, color correction, hair revitalization processes (corrective plans for damaged hair & hair loss), precision cutting and is luxury extensionist, who has been in the industry for over 16 years! Alicia's creative and fine art talents allows her to discover and bring out the beauty of her clients. She has a thirst for education and teaching others to excel in their craft. As a trusted hair stylist by her fellow beauty professionals, Alicia is committed to achieving and supporting the look each client desires while keeping the integrity and strength of their hair; uplifting our artists to their full potential to do so as well.

IG: @alicianoreenhair


Chadd Boulter

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To describe Chadd's work is to try and describe something both extremely technical and deeply organic. His approach to formulation is analytical, creating tones and formulas that require a masterful thought process. The execution of his highlighting process is gentle, well-thought out, and based in a true understanding of the nature of hair. His ability, and willingness, to share his process with his clients step by step assures that they never feel abandoned but more so personally involved in the creation process. Chadd's path in the industry is clear, he's destined for greatness and we are grateful to be along for the ride. 

IG: @spacecathairco


Kya Heard

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Kya is our rising star salon apprentice. She is recognized for her upbeat attitude and welcoming demeanor. Come visit us and get to know our growing team!

IG: @kya.heard


Keighlyn Hann


Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or YouTube, social media marketing allows me the creative freedom to connect with others in a meaningful way. My dream is to collaborate with artists to develop and distribute content that will further educate and entertain an audience across all social media platforms. From growing up in the beauty industry to finding my calling later in life, my passion for beauty run deeps.

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Happy Clients!

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying!

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Geraldine B. - Vagaro Review


The salon has a lovely vibe to it. There is someone always keeping the salon clean and smelling fresh! The music is tasteful and current. No pressure to purchase products and a quick checkout.

Jilian Munguia

My first visit to Jilian and I am so happy to have found her. I have short very thick hair and had my roots done, a great hair wash and an exquisite haircut. I just came back from NY for season and will be here until May. I am so happy to have hit the hair jackpot. Made appt for my sister while I was here. Making my next appt now. Jilian will book up quick!

Alicia A. - Vagaro Review


Alicia and her team show such teamwork and love to their clients. What a lovely experience I had at Suri & Noreen!

Emma Megathlin

I am thrilled with my experience! Emma knew exactly what to do to achieve the perfect color. What a treat is was to have her show her skills! She is amazing. I am super happy!

Allison T. - Vagaro Review


Suri and Noreen has such a good vibe. It is huge inside and decorated so cute. The space is super warm and inviting and the girls there are all super sweet.

ALICIA Vermeulen

Alicia is always super professional, knowledgeable and honest with me about what’s best for my hair. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do my extensions. I continuously get compliments on them and I always tell people it’s because my stylist knows what she’s doing.

Customer Reviews


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We're excited to get to know you, we can't wait to hear from you!

Hanna S. - Vagaro Review

ALICIA Vermeulen

Alicia is truly an artist when it comes to coloring hair. She is the only stylist that I have worked with in the area that has a thorough understanding of Balayage and the technique required to achieve the results. As I've gotten older, my hair has gone from natural highlights from the sun to boring light brown. Alicia has been able to restore what my hair looked like in high school to a tee!! She is worth her weight in gold and she had my color looking perfect for my wedding day!

Donna B. - Vagaro Review


Love the atmosphere

Jilian Munguia

Jili never disappoints!!! You tell her what you want and she makes it happen!!

Susan F. - Vagaro Review


All I can say is WOW. I made an appointment with Alicia for Pro-Addiction Product-natural, hair strenthening, no toxins, no smell hair striaghtener! I had hopes of what it would look like and it surpassed all my hopes. My hair is completely straight, vivid shine and will be so easy to care for in the humid weather, no more FRIZZ. I just took the dog out when got home it was drizzling and sooooooo humid, my completely straight hair did not frizz!!!! The salon experience was awesome, the product has no equal. Good Bye Keratin treatments, smell, burn , washing restrictions etc.! Thank you Alicia Susan F

Carolyn C. - Vagaro Review



ALICIA Vermeulen

Alicia is the absolute BEST! Her new salon is gorgeous!!!

Mia E. - Vagaro Review

Jilian Munguia

Jilian you did an amazing job! Great haircut and great conversation. Thanks for taking care of me.

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