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Our hair studio is a space for each stylist to grow at their own pace within an education-based team setting.


This means each stylist has been highly educated and everyone is encouraged to operate elevating one another to meet their artistry and career goals.

Having a structured skill set in place is amazing, but lets be honest... we are all creative minds and we work best for you when we know the rules so we can break every one of them.

With that being said all of our stylists are priced at a different level to meet your needs as a client.

Interested in learning who's perfect for you?!

Check out our team of stylists below!

Meet the team


Suri&Noreen Studio Stylists


Alicia Vermeulen

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Alicia is the new owner of Suri & Noreen Salon. She is a master hairstylist, specializing in chemical services, color correction, hair revitalization processes, precision cutting and is luxury extensionist, who has been in the industry for over 16 years! Alicia's creative and fine art talents allows her to discover and bring out the beauty of her clients. She has a thirst for education and teaching others to excel in their craft. As a trusted hair stylist by her fellow beauty professionals, Alicia is committed to achieving and supporting the look each client desires while keeping the integrity and strength of their hair; uplifting our artists to their full potential to do so as well.

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Megan Leigh

Makup Enthusiast & Specialist

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Hi, I'm Megan, your makeup enthusiast and specialist at Suri & Noreen. I can't wait to see you in my chair and make your beauty dreams come alive! Visit my IG link above to see all the beautiful work I've done! 


Jilian Munguia

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Hi, I'm Jili. I've loved cosmetology ever since I could hold a brush! There are so many Barbies with marker colored hair and makeup down the road (sorry Mom), and at that point I knew I wanted to pursue whatever allowed me to express my creative and artistic mind. With 4 sisters, I swapped out my dolls for people and quickly became the designated beautician of the family. I used this as an opportunity to work more with hair! I grew a passion towards the way people would transform, not just in their looks, but with their confidence. 

I specialize in color and haircutting services; whether you want to be a perfect beach blonde or a colorful rainbow, I'm your girl! Shaggy wolf cuts or a nice clean fade? I'm all in! But really, in all reality I love all things hair! Continuing education and mastering my craft, in my belief, will create confidence for those who sit in my chair everyday to feel like the best version of themselves in an atmosphere that will feel like our salon is a home. 

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Emma Megathlin

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Hey beautiful! Let me introduce myself, I’m Emma and I would love to help you out with anything and everything that has to do with making you feel like your best most confident self! Ever since I can remember, I was tugging on my American girl dolls hair always coming up with random creations for each of them non stop. My mom had to endure me always using her as a mannequin for all my creative juices whether it came to hair, makeup, and even fashion! My passion is hair and furthering my education under the right mentor to allow me to create beautiful masterpieces I've always dreamed about! IG: @3mmagracedoeshair


Bianca Consentino

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Bianca has a larger-than-life personality and is fueled by passion and dry shampoo!  She is our resident balayage queen and also specializes in women's precision cutting. Bianca is a master of natural lived in looks and a talent for color all around!

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Keighlyn Hann

Social Media Marketing Manager

Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or YouTube, social media marketing allows me the creative freedom to connect with others in a meaningful way. My dream is to collaborate with artists to develop and distribute content that will further educate and entertain an audience across all social media platforms. From growing up in the beauty industry to finding my calling later in life, my passion for beauty run deeps.

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