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 Hey Beautiful!
Think you'd like to be part of our team?!

Are you looking to be part of an incredibly talented team who's obsessed with education in a space full of good vibes, love, limitless growth & support?!!!?
We have positions available for administration and/or wherever you are at in your craft!

Are you new to the industry or still trying to build your clientele?! This is the perfect spot for you!

-Hourly wages, tips, and performance bonuses. 
- "Get Crafty" trainings monthly where you will gain access to FREE education to further your craft
- Paid training on our signature blow-dries 
- A culture created for you to grow
- Full and part-time positions
- Super flexible dress code and fun team themed optional dress up days.

*Basically, look cute!

Blowdry Boutique Artists
Experienced & Pro Stylists

Our salon is growth driven and we have designed our education process to meet you where you are at in your career path.

If you are a seasoned professional with clientele just reach out with your resume!

If you are just starting out we have a process in place to grow your craft behind the chair into a full service stylist!

- Chemical processes, education and applications



And More!

Click the link below and let's talk!




***And..... YOU'VE GOT PERKS BABE!***

You even have opportunities for:

+Education Opportunities

+Life Insurance Options

+PTO Vacation & Sick Days

+Paid Maternity Leave

+Medical, Dental & Vision Plans

+Leadership & Management Opportunities

Career opportunities are always available at our location.

Suri & Noreen Salon is an equal-opportunity company.

To be considered please have your headshot, IG handle and license on hand.

Our Mission

Our mission starts with two women. One who dreamed BIG and one who said "Why Not?

If you are in agreement than you are in the right place my beautiful friend!

We believe at Suri & Noreen that if it is to be dreamed, it is to be born. Creativity is a limitless and boundless freedom we believe into reality every day... with unlimited possibilities!

Our creators Alicia & Azlina came together as hairdresser and client to create a vision inspired by artistic expression and the desire to elevate those in our industry. With the passion of the artist behind the chair, every client benefits from this type of environment... From your hands to their hair & beyond!

Purpousful driven passion and creativity with limitless bounds is where we live in our world of craft.

Exploring the unknowns and getting comfortable living in that new space is where all our growth happens.

We thrive on that growth and creating wealth, winning and thriving for ourselves and those surrounding us.

Are you ready to start your journey with us? If so we will see you on the other side!

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